Why is Benjamin Moore Better?

People often ask us “why is Benjamin Moore better than it’s competitors?” It’s sometimes hard to explain that in two minutes or less because there are a number of reasons. One of those reasons is Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® Colour Technology. Let me explain why!

First of all, most paints are made of the same basic components, although the quality of those ingredients can vary greatly. Pigments, resins and solvents are combined and produce a paint film. The durability, ease of use, and the quality of the paint and colours rely on the specific components that manufacturers choose.

Paint colourants are one of the key differentiators in paint.  They affect not only the appearance of paint but also how long it will last and how easily it can be applied.

Traditionally, paint companies added surfactants, which are chemicals that can help distribute the pigments more evenly and also affect flow, leveling, colour accuracy and hide.  Benjamin Moore was the first to move away from this kind of technology when they engineered their amazing Gennex® Colour Technology.

Why does it matter? Deeper colours require more colorant, and the more colourant that is added, the more chemicals (surfactants) that are added too.  Depending on the colour this can greatly affect the richness and vibrancy of the colour over time and make that paint film much less durable.  With no surfactants in the Gennex® colourants, it means this is no longer a problem with Benjamin Moore paint products.  There is no compromise to quality!

Not only do Gennex® colourants eliminate this as an issue, their patented blend of ingredients increase durability, and improve hide and fade resistance. So your paint lasts longer, is more durable and your colours more vibrant.

Don’t just take our word on it.  There are a number of independent tests that prove this including an accelerated winter test that shows Benjamin Moore exterior Aura tinted with Gennex® colourants retain their colour and are more resistant to fading that all of its competitors whose products are tinted with Universal Tinting Colourant (most everyone else).

Wait…there’s more.  In additional to long-term performance advantages, Benjamin Moore’s Gennex® colourants provider great hide, which means it covers in fewer coats!  It provides more accurate colours too, which is why it is so difficult for any of our competitors to match our colours and when they try to especially on the dark colours, they require so much tint to even get close, you end up with a product on your wall that just isn’t as durable, rich or vibrant.

Finally, we have the no VOC advantage.  VOC’s are volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals emitted by a wage range of construction products.  In Canada we have strong rules regarding VOC’s and most everyone’s products are low or no VOC, but Benjamin Moore can brag that our core residential products are VOC free even after being tinted by Gennex® colourant as it is VOC free too.  When universal tint colourants are used by our competitors, the environmental benefits of zero VOC products are negated.

So what’s the bottom line?  Benjamin Moore remains the leader in quality, durability, hide, vibrancy and colour technology and continues to show strong leadership in research and development of new technology in the paint world.

To you that means every can of Benjamin Moore paint you open and apply to your wall will give you consistent, long lasting results and high performance across the entire colour spectrum.

Happy painting!

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