Never a better time to buy blinds

From now until the end of November we have all of our cellular blinds on sale and are offering 0% down/12 months equal payments (OAC) to go along with it.  That’s Hunter Douglas, Shadeomatic, Graber, and Maxxmar – all the best manufacturers.

Did you know that cellular shades add the most R-Value out of all of the available blinds styles?

What is R-Value you ask? The R stands for Resistance and R-Value is most often used to describe the insulation and the amount of heat transfer that does (or doesn’t take) place.  So what does that mean in terms we both understand?  The better the R-Value in a blind, the warmer the room will be in winter and cooler in summer!

With our coldest weather just around corner, now is the time to invest. Call us today to book your FREE in-home blind consultation.

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